Hey homies,

So 7 Days to Die is not part of my gaming challenge, however to break up FFVII which requires a good time investment I was looking for a couch co-op game to have a mess about on. Thus I bought 7 Days to Die in the sale! Did I make it out alive? Check out my Survival Diary ūüėÄ


Day 1

I woke up in a wooden shack. I don’t know how long it’s been since the Outbreak occurred, but it looks like I’ve been looted and I’ve been left with absolutely nothing. It’s blisteringly hot outside, I haven’t eaten in days. I can just about walk, and managed to gather some plant fibres from the nearby shrubs, and the desert has some yucca plants that I can eat to gain a little strength back. That’s all I can do for today… I’m so thirsty…

Day 2

Last night was rough. I could hear the snarls of the infected from a distance and I haven’t slept a wink. I didn’t have the tools or resources to¬†barricade the door- that will be today’s mission, as well as getting water. I managed to craft some basic clothes from the plant fibres I collected yesterday but that wouldn’t suffice if I came across an infected. I managed to cobble together a stone axe too, from the debris outside.

There is a lake a mile or so from the shack, so I was able to to get a drink but the water was murky and made me sick. I have to rest now, I can’t stay awake any longer…

Day 3

I lost consciousness yesterday, I think due to the sickness from drinking the polluted water and lack of real food. In the night, a Crawler tried to get in through a hole in the floor boards, and I woke with a start to it clutching and clawing at my legs. I had to batter it’s head with a piece of wood… it’s the first time I’ve had to… to kill one of them. It’s rotting flesh was on my hands. The stench is unreal. I don’t want to say here.

Day 4

At 5am this morning I heard a loud rumbling, and looked outside to see a plane overhead – a supply drop! Hallelujah! I ran for miles and finally got to the box, which had a ton of medical supplies, some canned food and some weapon parts which I don’t know how to assemble. I took some of the antibiotics in the crate and feel much better than I did yesterday. When I collected the crate, I could see a town in the distance. Might be worth checking that out in the future for more supplies and maybe a weapon schematic so I can make use of the parts I have. There were a few infected around the perimeter of the town, so I don’t want to get too close yet.

On my travels, I found an abandoned house which seemed much more secure than the¬†wooden shack I’d woken up in. I gathered up my belongings and laid my bedroll in the new house. It has an upstairs with a corridor, the only way a zombie could get in, so I can take them with the axe if I really need to.

Day 5

On my search of the new house, I looked in all the drawers, checked all the cupboards. There wasn’t much, just a note left by someone who was holed up here. I don’t know what happened to them. The note said that a huge wave of zombies is expected in the coming days, because they finally broke out of the containment zone on the outskirts of the city. Looking at the date, I have 2 days left to prepare… the clock is ticking…

Because of the note I’m starting to panic. I need to get back to that town and get supplies if I want any chance of survival at all. I will spend the day crafting some stronger weapons. I found some barbed wire on the road, and can easily make a barbed wire club with the materials I have now, which should do some real damage if I get in trouble. I’ve given up on the guns for now, there are too many parts missing and¬†ammo is so scarce.

Day 6

The infected are getting closer, I can hear them. I don’t know if they can sense me or not, but I caught glimpses of them outside. In the day time, they lumber towards you, it’s easy to get away. But at night, they run. It’s like they’ve become even more feral under the cover of darkness.

I think¬†my best chance of survival is to defend the perimeter and only engage in combat if absolutely necessary. I’ve barricaded all the doors with iron bars, except the front door which is now the only way to enter and exit – of course, I keep that locked at all times.

I dug a deep trench around the house, which was not easy in the heat outside and took nearly all day. I swear I was getting sunstroke and had to drink all the water I had left. I made some wooden spikes with the last resources I had, and put them in the ditch. Let’s face it, zombies aren’t smart. There is a good chance they will just fall in and impale themselves on the spikes before they can get to me.

Tbat’s all the prep I can do today. Last day tomorrow before the wave…

Day 7

The big day is here. The 7th day. I’ve picked up some more water and tins of food from the town in case I need to stay inside for a few days. I made a basic bow and arrow, I can maybe stop some of the horde before they reach they house. Now it’s just a waiting game… I’m terrified of what’s to come.

Night has fallen. The screams of the infected are getting louder and louder. One of them got close to the house… I tried to shoot it with an arrow, but it was dark and I missed. My last arrow failed to hit, but the threat was enough to scare it off. Maybe it’s gone to rejoin the group…

The sound is almost deafening now. The horde is up ahead… there is maybe 20 infected on the horizon. My heart is pounding. Oh my god… they are running! They are running straight for the house!!

They got to the house. Their putrid hands were clawing at the windows, bashing on the door and gnawing at the wooden frames I’d built. Some didn’t make it across the ditch; just a few left. A few was enough. I was¬†horrified. Staring at the door, waiting for them to burst in. But I’d forgotten the boarded window pane behind me.

There was an almighty crash, the infected broke through, and before I had a chance to turn around it had already grabbed me. It was tearing at my flesh, trying to bite me. I raised my club, spun around, and brought it down with all my might. The infected… it’s clothes were newly crafted… an infected survivor, like me. The single blow was enough to take it down.

The zombie tore a chunk out of my shoulder, and it’s gushing blood, the searing pain is too much to bear. I have taken¬†the last of the painkillers and I’m on the floor.¬†It’s too much, the world is closing in on me… I can’t… write… anymore…


Fin~ Hope you enjoyed my survival diary! A lot of the things I wrote about here are things you can do in the actual game – crafting clothing and weapons is the core of the gameplay. You can barricade doors and windows if you have the right materials, and you do indeed need to hunt for food and water. Eating murky water will give you an infection which gives you a debuff.

I also did build the giant trench around the perimeter of the house with wooden spikes in it and it was indeed very successful. The zombies try and dig their way out if they miss the spikes so there is now a huge network of zombie tunnels under my house, lol.

I have played 25 days in actuality, so I did manage to survive the 7th day horde ūüėÄ

Overall, it’s a¬†very flawed game but good for a laugh with friends. And make sure you don’t forget about the boarded windows!! Haha.