Long time no see everyone!

So I started this gaming challenge very optimistically… with bags of time due to Christmas, I thought I would be able to continue onwards and finish Final Fantasy. But like all my plans, alas, that notion was ridiculously overambitious and it is now almost March and I haven’t played Final Fantasy for about a month.

After my 20 hours blog post, I did play another 10 hours and I’m almost up to 30 hours now. I’m assuming that not much is left of the game, but I decided that instead of forcing myself to finish it, I’ll move onto my next game – Ori and The Blind Forest.

I’m disappointed that I had to abandon FFVII but honestly, it just lost my interest in the end. Instead of giving up on the blog, I thought it best to wrap up what I did play and move on. I can definitely see why people like it, and I can also see that it must have been pretty groundbreaking at the time of its release. If I was still a teenager I’m sure I would have loved to jump into that world, and I would have loved the characters too.

Meanwhile, I have been playing a shit ton of Animal Crossing and a super colourful Japanese Idol game called Pri Para Grand Prix No 1 (yep, legit) which aren’t very time consuming, so maybe I’ll review that if you want your eyeballs to be forever branded with kawaii rainbow sparkles ❤ (Which clearly I do.)

Anyway, hope this isn’t too disappointing for everyone but as for my other blog posts, better late than never!