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Hello everyone!

After a whole bunch of tumbleweed – another post! Hooray!

After playing Journey, I felt very compelled to write about it as for me it was a very impactful and memorable experience that I felt I needed to share. I know a lot of people have said the same about Journey and I can certainly see why – it’s utterly spellbinding.

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First Impressions: Ori and Blind Forest

Hey everyone!

So as promised, I’m back with my first impressions of Ori and the Blind Forest. It’s a fairly recent game, released in 2015 for Xbox One and PC. Now, I don’t have a PC and it runs like shit on my laptop so I’ll need to resolve that at some point, but I can say that even with the framerate being so dire, the game itself looks absolutely beautiful. I feel like I totally owe it a better PC haha. I bought the Definitive Edition which was released a year later, and includes a few extras such as fast travel and an Easy Mode (the mode can be changed at any time.)

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Wrap-Up: Final Fantasy VII

Long time no see everyone!

So I started this gaming challenge very optimistically… with bags of time due to Christmas, I thought I would be able to continue onwards and finish Final Fantasy. But like all my plans, alas, that notion was ridiculously overambitious and it is now almost March and I haven’t played Final Fantasy for about a month.

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20 Hours in: Final Fantasy VII [Spoilers]

Yo yo!

20 hours in already? Thank you Christmas Break!

I just finished Part 1 of Final Fantasy VII (and the point that you would change over the discs if this was the 90s) so I decided this is a good point to take stock of where I am. Lots more story coming up and a major spoiler!

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10 Hours in: Final Fantasy VII [Spoilers]

Hello there everyone!

Hope you have all been enjoying the festive period 😀 Yesterday I played games all day and ate a whole chocolate orange so I certainly have.

I’m back with another update on my foray into Final Fantasy VII, having played for almost 10 hours I feel like I’ve got the gist of the gameplay and the foundations of the story have been set. I talk about the story in some detail, so if like me you haven’t played the game despite it being out for a bajillion years consider this fair warning.

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First Impressions: Final Fantasy VII

Hello chillas!

So I thought a little more about how to format the blog, and I figured a good place to start with each game would be to do a ‘first impressions’ post about the first hour or two of the game (if it’s gonna be a long one.) I think there is a lot to be learned from the first bit of the game, and the difference in opinion between 2 hours and 20+ hours might be interesting to compare.

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My Gaming Journey

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my brand new flashy af gaming blog! Considering video games have made up about 80% of my life thus far, I have spent far too long on kawaii shit and not enough time writing about the thing I’ve loved since forever.

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